Construction Wheels & Rims

The construction industry is a very complex and busy industry. All around the world flats and houses are built to accommodate the growing population. Fortunately the construction industry is able to keep up with the growing population’s needs by using quality equipment to produce quality constructions timelessly. For over 20 years we have mastered the art of supplying, repairing and maintaining wheels and rims for all the vehicles used in the construction industry.

We specialise in construction wheels and rims for all types of vehicles needed in the construction environment. Vehicles such as the cranes, front loaders, dumpers, skid steer loaders and compactors which eventually work together to create those small havens people call home and the professional structures where business and trading takes place.

The wheels and rims we manufacturer are for heterogeneous industries. For example, a truck wheel and rim can never be compared to a trackers wheel and rim. Advanced Wheel Corporation is able, with its excellent capabilities, to supply all the construction industry with durable wheels and rims. Find a single solution to all your construction needs, visit Advanced Wheel Corporation and test our products yourself.


Shantui  Sumitomo Terex  tesmec
Titan International download komatsu JCB IMPACT LOGO 225mm x 70mm WITH SAFE AREA 4CO BLACK
download (1) New_Holland bell  download (11)
case Caterpillar Manitou Liebherr


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