Agricultural Wheels & Rims

When manufacturing agricultural wheels and rims attention to detail should be taken into account, this is necessary because agricultural tractors move on rough and uneven surfaces. For example, high performance tyres are needed for ploughing activities in the forest. Advanced Wheel Corporation wants to assure the agricultural industry that that they are the perfect suppliers of wheels and rims and we will never compromise in quality when manufacturing these wheels and rims.

We manufacture wheels and rims for different size seed drills; customised products are what the business has strived for over the years. Call us today to find out how you can benefit from the extraordinary services offered at Advanced Wheel Corporation. We specialise in customised wheels and rims for tractors, Seed Drillers, Ploughs and many more vehicles used in the agricultural industry.

World hunger can be curbed especially in the younger generation, no child must go to school hungry; these are some of the reasons we have committed to ensuring the agricultural industry is continuously supplied with durable wheels and rims. We produce quality products and services that allow this industry to experience cost savings and, through these cost savings, be granted the opportunity to make a difference in their communities.

We believe in making a change not only in this industry but in the world at large. Prepare your vehicles and receive return on investments by investing in high quality wheels and rims. Come to the Advanced Wheel Corporation today.


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