From the inception of customised wheels and rims to the final delivery stage, we ensure that our customer driven staff members offer you exquisite services. You are probably running a business and want the best for your target audience; the people that actually make up your business. We feel the same urgency towards you, our loyal client that stocks up in wheels and rims for the vehicles used in the respective industries, and for better relations with the distribution chains of production.

We truly believe that happy clients are the first step to reliable long term relationships that are built through exchange of value. We want to offer you the best in quality products because we know this will increase our brand equity. Through honesty and fairness we have policies in place that stipulate exactly how we go about manufacturing wheel and rim combos to suit your customised needs.

We don’t only manufacture these durable products for you, but we offer repairs, modifying and the best maintenance services for all your vehicles wheels and rims. Bottom line is that we care about you and your business, so let us help you cut costs and see growth in the current or next financial year. Contact Advanced Wheel Corporation today.


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